About Us

 RATBITE started out as a simple idea, with the single aim of stopping a wheel being ruined on a hardtail. From that simple rough cut inserts the product has developed into what it is today and keeps developing with the help of rider input from around the UK. Our products have been put through their places all round the world, with wins in DH, enduro and CX events. 

All our inserts are produced from a closed cell polyethylene foam, this means they are light and non-absorbent. As they are designed to sit inside the tyre rather than fit close to the rim, they are easy to install, give the tyre a firmer sidewall (reducing tyre roll) and they compress with impact which means the energy is being dissipated before the rim makes contact with the impact object. Because our inserts work inside  the tyre with a snug fit it is vital that the inserts ordered are for the correct size tyre you are intending to fit them in. Rim width doesn't effect how our inserts work so regardless of wether you run 19mm rims or 35mm rims the insert will be the same.

 We aim to produce products that work effectively and don't cost a fortune. After all why would you pay more than something is worth, to protect it. All of our inserts are under £20 per wheel, making them the lowest priced on the market.  

RATBITE products are always trying to develop, to achieve the best possible product we can. We have developed inserts for the mountain bike market, CX and gravel markets and have a DH specific version now being tested.

Product info


All our inserts are made from a closed cell PE foam, meaning it doesn't have a sponge effect on sealant. The technical specification states it will hold 0.5% of a fluids volume.


RATBITE inserts weigh between 25g for the CX inserts upto 85g for the DH specific inserts. This makes them the lightest on the market.


Due to the way they are designed, RATBITE inserts are easily installed and the MTB inserts, if done correctly, can be installed without any tools and do not need special valves to be fitted.


Our products will only be replaced if they are proven to arrive damaged or been lost in the post. There is no warranty given nor implied as the products are a sacrificial part. 


RATBITE inserts are designed as a protection system, they will not and cannot stop all damage to a wheel and tyre setup. Please do not think they will make your wheels INDESTRUCTABLE.

*It is suggested that you check your insert for damage and replace accordingly.*


Our product line is constantly trying to develop to become the best it can be. Being tested in the real world not a lab gives us a better idea of how a product will perform, tested and developed with the help of our riders and customers.