RATBITE tubeless inserts are a simple product but correct installation is important for rider safety. Incorrect installation may lead to tyre failure which could result in serious injury.

Please use our easy to follow installation guidelines below. 



It is advised that all inserts are installed by a competent person. 

Remove insert from packaging. Place the insert into the tyre being sure to have the valve protection groove facing inwards towards the rim. Our inserts will only fit one way easily.

We recommend adding tubeless tyre sealant at this point. Re-seat the tyre on the rim. Make sure to push the tyre bead to the centre of the rim bed. This can make it easy enough to install the tyre without the need for tyre levers.


Now the RATBITE tubeless insert and tyre have been installed simply pump up the tyre to your desired pressure. You now have one less thing to worry about. The way RATBITE is designed means most tyres can be pumped up with just a track pump. 

RATBITE does allow you  to run tyres at lower pressures.  Please be advised that this does void any warranty your tyres may have, however. 

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RATBITE tubeless inserts are a very simple product but it is advised that they are fitted by a competent person. Incorrect installation may lead to tyre failure which could result in serious injury. 

Fitting instructions although simple, should be followed.

 RATBITE does not guarantee total tyre and wheel protection therefore holds no responsibility for any damage caused due to installation or use/riding.

In the event of a puncture or tyre failure it is the users responsiblity to maintain control and sort the issue as soon as possible.  


RATBITE products are consumables, there is no warranty implied or given. They will only be replaced if proven to be lost or damaged in postage (all parcels are tracked). There will be NO refunds given, the product is a sacrificial protection not a guarantee. 

RATBITE inserts cannot and will not make your wheels/tyres indestructible.