RATBITE developed for riders by riders


RATBITE tubeless inserts are a low cost, effective way to greatly reduce the chances of punctures and wheel damage on your trusty steed. Our products act in a way that inhibits shock and impact damage to your wheels and gives tyres a greater ability to shrug off punctures on the rough stuff. RATBITE's shape means that even at the lowest tyre pressures a tyre can maintain a usable and sturdy form. In turn this means that you don't get tyre squirm and lowers the chances of burping under hard cornering, whilst still being flexible enough to react to changes of impact angle.

From our early concepts to our latest designs, our products have been constantly evolving.  We believe that the revised 2020 product is nearly at the peak of design and performance.  so along with our range of MTB inserts also  supply, we have a range of inserts to suit CX and gravel bikes as well as a range specifically designed for Fatbikes. With all of our inserts being manufactured in house, we have the ability to adapt at the drop of a hat, so if you are after a specific size we can produce it. 

How does RATBITE work?


RATBITE is a foam insert system that acts as a damper to greatly decrease damage occurred from high energy impacts.

Form Retention

Due to its unique shape and design, RATBITE inserts allow a tyre to maintain a good form under compression, even in a no air situation.

Easy Installation

Our cut diamond shape means that the bead is free from hindrance, which in turn allows for tool free fitting. 

Product specification

All of our products are made using a high density closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam, which has a liquid absorption factor of less than 1%.

This means RATBITE products are lightweight, have superb impact resistance and do not absorb sealant. 

Weighing in at between 30 and 150 grams per wheel (size dependant), our products have very little detriment to rotational mass, meaning you wont even notice their presence until they are needed.

RATBITE offers a product range to cater for the vast majority of wheel and tyre combinations, with the ability to create custom profiles on request.