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Tested To Destruction

In 2018, our first generation RATBITE inserts were put to the test in many different disciplines and many different races, one of which was the  Megavalanche. 

After completing less than 20% of the course (just after the glacier), one of our customers became dependant on our product, as he sustained a puncture early on.

The race was completed in good time and our customer was highly satisfied, seeing as though his rim sustained absolutely no damage.

The RATBITE was destroyed in the process, but the fact still stands that his rim remained completely unscathed on one of Europe's most gruelling races, despite continuing with no air at race pace.

To read what our customer had to say, along with many others, make sure you check out our Instagram page - ratbite_uk and don't forget to show us what your RATBITE inserts get up to when riding!

We are excited that in 2020, we are able to offer a revised and adapted product designed for even greater endurance and performance.

RATBITE looks forward to hearing how hard our customers will push their second generation tubeless inserts this year and in December 2020, we will look through who's pushed their inserts the furthest. Who impresses us most will get a free pair for their bike, so make sure to send us your stories and  photos!            

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The verdict



I first dipped my toes in to the world of cyclocross racing back in 2017 and immediately spotted the need for more tyre protection. After racing enduro and downhill on mountain bikes I was up to speed with the benefits of tubeless tyres and inserts. Tubeless technology has been slowly adopted by manufacturers for the cyclocross community. Many die-hard racers still rely on the security of tubular tyres for running low pressures. For riders running tubes its not uncommon for pressures in the range of 30–40psi with tubeless being pretty much the same due to risk of pinch flats and burping.  

I contacted Darren at Ratbite and explained the need for inserts in skinny 33mm wide tubeless tyres. He was up for the task of shaping some foam and the first generation yellow foam inserts appeared shortly after. After battering my body and rims on 30psi tyres I could now drop the pressures to the low twenties. In grip and comfort terms - a revelation.

The latest generation black foam inserts are a denser material. The overall size and volume of the product has dropped. They are lighter too. This has allowed an even more supple tyre feel, and I am convinced this helps with better mud shedding when the tyre is compressed. I’ve experimented with going in to the low teens with psi in really muddy conditions and even though I regularly bang the rims on harder ground I’m confident the Ratbite is doing its job.

I’ve raced with Ratbites for two years, and my tyres have remained puncture and burp free. I also heard that a pro race team ordered a few pairs for their assault on the Three peaks challenge last year… Recommended!

Jon Gregory